Meet The Team

Serina n kitten 3.jpg

Serina Ortiz PhD, RVT

Serina co-founded SGV Animal Advocates in 2011 after noticing a vast need for wellness clinic services for small rescues with limited resources, yet large goals. With a PhD in Biological Sciences and a decade of experience as a veterinary technician, Serina brings years of hands on knowledge to the forefront in helping SGVAA grow and succeed.


Sarscha Johansson -Clinic Assistant

Sarscha has been a dedicated and vital part of the SGVAA crew since the clinic opened its doors. Her knowledge, persistence and attention to detail in the fields of animal wellness and emergency care allows the clinic to treat up to 60 cats per day. She has treated over 7,000 cats and kittens during her time at SGVAA. Her mission driven philosophies play a role in every moment of her work. 


Judith Henahan - Adoptions Coordinator

Judith has been helping SGVAA for many years and plays a vital role - ensuring that our cats and kittens find loving forever homes. She has carefully helped hundreds of families find the perfect furry companion. Her compassion, patience & dedication help keep us running.