SGVAA Foster Agreement

San Gabriel Valley Animal Advocates (SGVAA) is in tremendous gratitude of your time, energy and dedication to our foster care program. Thank you for your willingness to open up your home. By joining, you agree to comply with our policies and the expectations. Please read the following and sign below: 

Program Requirements


1. I understand that foster cats are the property of SGVAA and that as a foster parent I have certain responsibilities to ensure the safety of my foster cat(s).


2. I agree to a visit of my home by SGVAA to ensure the well being of my foster kitties, the suitability of the environment and my compliance to this foster agreement. 

3. I will follow the vaccination and medical schedule for my foster cat, and I agree to schedule vaccinations and any other required medical needs for my foster cat as recommended by SGVAA.


4. I understand that I need to get pre-approval by SGVAA prior to taking my foster cat to the veterinarian for anything other than routine visits dictated by their medical schedule.

5. I understand that I must use the veterinarian with whom SGVAA has contracted, whose name and contact information will be provided to me by SGVAA.

6. I further understand that if I take my foster cat to the veterinarian with whom SGVAA has not contracted I will not be reimbursed for expenses incurred. 

7. I understand that participation in the SGVAA foster program depends on my cooperation with these expectations.

Cat Care Responsibilities 

I understand that tending to the safety of my foster cat/kitten includes:


8. I agree to provide the necessary supplies for my foster cat, I understand the SGVAA will only provide supplies when available and supplies must be used for my foster can only.


9. I agree to make every effort to answer any phone call or e-mail inquiring about my foster cat sent to me by the foster coordinator within 24 hours of the receipt of the inquiry.


10. I understand the SGVAA is not responsible for illness occurring in, or veterinary care required by my own dogs, cats or other animals. 

11. I understand that foster animals are to be kept clean for their health and well-being. Supplies with which they are cared for, such as x-pens, crates, blankets and beds, should also be kept clean and sanitary for the same reason.


12. I will keep my foster(s) indoors at all times and never allow young children unsupervised access to my foster. 

13. I will not transfer my foster cat to another foster home unless I have received prior approval from SGVAA.


14. I will immediately contact an SGVAA member if there is an accident, involving the death of, injury of, or escape by my foster cat. 

15. I will immediately contact SGVAA if my cat foster shows any signs of sickness, including extreme lethargy, loss of appetite, breathing difficulty, nasal secretions, lack of weight gain in a kitten, mouth breathing, etc. 

16. I also agree to contact my SGVAA whenever I have a concern or need assistance or if my foster cat shows any concerning behavioral issues.


17. If I decide that I want to adopt my foster cat for my own I understand that I must follow the SGVAA adoption process.


18. I have answered the questions above truthfully and completely. I understand that although SGVAA takes reasonable care to screen the animals that are made available for adoption and foster care placement, SGVAA does not make any guarantee relating to the foster animal’s actions or conditions.